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        Non-asbestos calciumsilicate baord

        Non-asbestos fiber reinforced calcium silicate board 


          Non-asbestos fiber-reinforced calcium silicate board is a new kind of lightweight board. Its main raw materials include calcareous materials, siliceous material and other cementitious materials and reinforcing fibers .



          Other sizes can be cut on this basis.


        1, fireproof insulation: 

          Grade A non-combustible,noncombustible. 

          No toxic fumes; 

          low conductivity coefficient;

          ideal insulation material.

        2, waterproof: Under conditions of semi-open air and high humidity, maintaining stable performance,no sag or deformation.

        3, heat insulation: low thermal conductivity, good insulation properties, high product density, sound insulation.

        4, light weight &high strength: pressurized by hydraulic machine flat plate of 10,000 tons, the product keeps a high strength, not easily deformed or warping and also has a low weight, suitable in roofing and ceiling.

        5, easy building-construction: Dry operation; simple and fast installation of the keel and the plate; deep processing products have better performance characteristics.

        6.beauty and practicality: Being lightweight and fit to the keel, effectively reduces the cost of construction and decoration; board facing color agrees equably with no roughness, which makes all the building color in a unity.

        7, safe and healthy:  actually-measured radiation value equals to that of lawn 20 meters away from the buildings,which is below the national "Radiological protection standard for building materials" .

        8, long service life: Acid alkaline, corrosion - resistant, non - cracking, healthy from pests and moisture,the board’s strength and hardness are enhanced, ensuring a long service life.

        9, good processability and performance in re-decoration: the board can be sawed, drilled, engraved and painted according to the actual situations.

        4.Main uses:

          Internal walls; external walls; partitions; fireproof and heat insulation structure; ceiling; sound-insulation structure; kitchen door and toilet door;

        Curtain scaleboard; steel coating; anti-static floor, furniture board

        Places of use:

          Commercial buildings: shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, entertainment buildings.

          Industrial sites: warehouses, factories, engine rooms.

          Residential areas: residential buildings, villas.

          Public places: hospitals, theaters, railway stations, libraries, offices, external walls, ceiling, firewall, wall panels, floor steel, fire doors, exterior insulation panel, grout wall panels, light steel villa , heat insulation and sound insulation board, ground chunk channel plate, anti-static flooring substrate, water decorative panels, wall decorative panels, wall insulation panels, wall hanging plates, industrial thermal insulation boards, fireproof district in buildings.